Sharing my passion for sport through translation since 2008

Tracing my interest in all things Italian back to the Italia 90 World Cup, sport has always been a part of my life as a linguist. I have attended football matches and tennis tournaments all over the world and am particularly familiar with these two sports and the specific language that surrounds them.

I am also a member of LTA Advantage and the British Association of Tennis Supporters.


Published translations I have worked on include:

Qarabag: The Team Without a City and Their Quest to Conquer Europe

Emanuele Giulianelli, Pitch Publishing, London 2022


Luca Caioli and Cyril Collot, Icon Books, 2018

Zidane: The Biography

Patrick Fort & Jean Philippe, Ebury Press, 2018



Luca Caioli and Cyril Collot, Icon Books, 2019



The Remarkable Story Behind the Sensational Headlines, Luca Caioli, Icon Books, 2015

Griezmann: The Making of France's Mini Maestro

Luca Caioli and Cyril Collot, Icon Books, 2017

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